Social learning is a cognitive process that lets people discuss learning objectives and enables them to share their perspectives. It’s an easy way to help peers understand better by breaking down complicated points into a language that they comprehend. This not only improves the learning efficiency of the people but also acts as a catalyst for organizational transformations.

Social learning helps employees connect better with each other, which, in a way, repairs broken links of complete communication of vision and values within the organization. It makes learning a continuous process even when the employees are not undergoing any formal training and keeps them engaged and motivated to improve their knowledge and skillsets.

Social learning through an lms

A Learning Management System plays a vital role in engaging your employees and boosts social learning with improved interaction.

Here is how you can up the game of social learning through an LMS in 11 easy ways:

Hence, utilizing the social functionality of an LMS to the fullest can reap great results in terms of learner engagement.

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