At Abara LMS, our aim is to deliver learning technology which always borderlines on being the latest and the best in the market. And that certainly extends onto our learning management system as well.

Most products go through a development cycle which looks something like this:

Idea —> Design —> Output —> Maturity

And most software products stop growing after the output stage. Except for a few minor updates, bug fixes, and patchwork to keep the code relevant, you wouldn’t see them change much. Which is not wrong, every product must reach a stage of maturity, where users aren’t surprised by a whole new system every time they log in. However, maturity also has its drawbacks. In the case of learning management systems, feature, design, UI/UX, or its technology losing relevance with time is a reality.

Abara uses the AGILE development model to counter this ‘maturity’ or ‘stagnation’ phase . Simply put, we develop each feature of Abara with time and based on actual needs as put forth by our customers.

Yes! Our features are always up-to-date and built keeping real use-cases in mind making the LMS relevant and modern!

However, it doesn’t end there.

An AGILE development process allows us to add relevant specs to the LMS while you are already using it!

Which means, you only pay for the initial licensing cost, while still receiving an updated and feature-rich version of Abara LMS every few months.

Yes, quite a few learning management platforms become slow and outdated as they do not follow the AGILE process. A few learning management systems also work on the ad-on principle—LMS which do not account for features, but end up adding new features anyways—which eventually makes them difficult to operate and unwieldy.

Hence, through a conscious effort, Abara is undergoing a ‘slow but very sure’ development process. It involves adding features, tweaking cosmetics, and even overhauling major sections. All actions are considered keeping relevance and future-proofing in mind!

For prospecting customers, now is the time to come onboard and be a part of all the benefits we intend on providing!

A few core updates are on their way, a massive change in the system’s look and feel, and two additional features are all happening before 2020!

Moreover, it doesn’t stop there, further updates and features are also in the pipeline for 2020!

Licensing Abara today, guarantees your future with a growing and always modern learning management system.

We have also extended our support services to 24 hours a day X 5 days a week, catering to a global user base. Which means, all problems and queries are handled during a typical working week, around the clock, wherever they originate from!

After bagging 8 awards and increasing our user base within the last 10 months, we plan on only going further!

Currently, our competitive pricing is helping first-time users and interested organizations actively consider the path of corporate learning and development. At the same time, experienced organizations are switching over to Abara because our competitively priced, future-proofed LMS appeals to them. This is something we hold dear.

We are also partnering with eLearning course vendors to offer a loaded Abara with ready-to-use eLearning content to kick-start a corporate’s training and development journey!

We don’t want to say goodbye, so do give our LMS a try, schedule a demo and one of our representatives will contact you for further assistance. Till then, happy learning from one and all at Abara LMS.

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