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Abara LMS Receives Recognition as one of the Top 20 Extended Enterprise Learning Management Systems

Top 20 Winning(Web)

Team Abara is proud to announce its inclusion in the Top 20 Extended Enterprise Learning Management Systems by eLearning Industry, the premier authority in the eLearning industry and key market influencers boasting of 1,70,000 unique monthly visitors.

The accomplishment is a testimony to everybody who worked on this product, making it a system truly considered world-class!

Abara is a mobile-first LMS with powerful features to train your channel partners, customers, vendors, and distributors. It is Abara’s multi-tenant feature that allows vendors, distributors, and third-party associates of organizations easy access to the LMS that won it the title. Abara is an LMS known for its crisp UX and an aesthetically-pleasing UI, making it a smooth system to operate.

Extended enterprise training is just one of the solutions this versatile LMS provides. Abara is equally capable in employee, sales, compliance, and customer training initiatives.

In a small effort to share our system with the world, we are providing a 30-day free trial to demo and experience Abara, because we know it’s something that’ll put a smile on your face! Click here to sign up and start your free trial and get a first-hand experience of why Abara is one of the top 20 enterprise learning management systems.

For a personalized demo with one of our technical experts, please click here.

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