Best LMS Awards and Recognitions

At Abara LMS, our undivided focus on providing the best learning platform and unparalleled learning experience is notably creating a ripple in the world of corporate eLearning. Here are some awards and recognitions reflecting our efforts.

Note: We are thankful to all the respected SaaS review websites and eLearning experts. Your recognition of our platform is a reward to our hard-working teams.

why abara is best lms in india

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eLearning Industry awarded  Abara 3 titles, making Abara a recognized and undeniably one of the best global LMS!

eLearning Industry is a trusted Learning Management System and all things eLearning related website.  Countless prospective LMS buyers and eLearning enthusiasts use it to compare the best eLearning platforms and services available.

Our teams worked hard and tirelessly to deliver only the best. Abara’s training capabilities surpass your everyday training, allowing an organization to train their globally dispersed vendors and re-sellers too.

eLearning Industry’s recognition of our extended enterprise training feature is a validation of these efforts. eLearning Industry also tried, tested, and recommends Abara’s 30-day trial experience as one of the top-20 LMS free trial experiences globally.


Great User Experience Award

FinancesOnline awarded Abara LMS with their ‘Great User Experience Award 2018’ after their team of software experts conducted a detailed analysis of our mobile-first learning management platform.

This is what their team of panellists had to say, “There is no doubt, Abara LMS is truly one of the best LMS platforms available!

Abara LMS received the ‘Great User Experience Award 2018’ for enabling companies to train employees in the most natural way possible. In an insightful Abara LMS overviewFinancesOnline’s team of software experts stated that our ‘sophisticated and professional user interface’ enables administrators to ‘complete tasks with ease,’ while allowing learners to ‘learn with minimal distractions.’

Rising Star Award 2018

Abara LMS also bagged a spot on FinancesOnline’s carefully selected list of ‘The 2018 Rising Star Award’ under ‘The Best Learning Management Systems’ category.

The ‘2018 Rising Star Award’ is in recognition of our ability to maintain highly positive customer feedbacks, which FinancesOnline records at a 100% rating overall.

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Craig Weiss, from the Craig Weiss Group, conferred 2 awards onto the Abara LMS platform!

CRAIG WEISS is a notable eLearning and LMS expert, critique, analyst, and a consultant who recently analysed the Abara LMS platform and awarded it two prestigious titles.

The Abara development team always believed in developing a hassle-free, no frills learning management system which is easy on an organization’s pocket yet is powerful enough to do everything needed. The two awards conferred upon us by Mr Craig Weiss is an indication that Abara is doing as originally intended. 

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