Do I need SCORM courses?

Yes and no. SCORM is a good standard and tracks a variety of data from your course such as:

  1. Course launch date
  2. Time spent on the course
  3. Number of times a course has been launched
  4. Status of the course—not started, in progress and completed
  5. Score—in case there is an assessment at the end of the course

If you think all this data is important and if you plan to keep your assessment within a SCORM course, then yes, it would be very important to use SCORM as a standard to develop and publish your eLearning courses.

If you do not wish to track any data from point 1 to 4, and want to use Abara LMS’s in-built assessment engine to track scores, then you do not need SCORM. If your courses are largely PDFs, and videos, you can skip SCORM and use the Abara Assessment engine to test learners.

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