Learning Management System

The Art of Training Your Employees from the Comfort of Your Couch

Hunting for training resources can be a tough task for any training manager in an organization. The task of finding the right match for your employees is a difficult one. Opting for the power of technology is [...]

Learning Management System – How It Can Benefit Your Employee Training Program

Over 90% enterprises have voiced their concerns in lieu of the employee training program being a major concern for the company in terms of investment and returns. Right from the orientation of new employees to the on-job [...]

6 Benefits of using a mobile-first learning management system

Individuals who use a Learning Management System (LMS) mostly influence the recent learning practices. With the popularity of mobile devices on the rise, the LMS must adapt itself to a mobile learning environment. Simultaneously, we must make [...]

How to calculate the ROI of your Learning Management System

Learning Management Systems have become an indispensable tool for training & elearning companies as well as the corporate for their employee training programs. Most companies use the LMS for internal training & certification, compliance training, employee on-boarding, [...]

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