How-to Guide: Moving from Classroom to online learning

In order to keep a company up-to-date, it is necessary for the company to keep on upgrading the technology it uses. Surely, most businesses over the globe use computers to crunch in their data or to arrange [...]

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8 must-have LMS Features for Sales Training Programs

Sales Training is about effectively communicating the value of your product or service to the buyers. Every organization strives to improve their sales closure rates by trying to maximize the efficacy and productivity of the field sales [...]

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What can you hope to achieve by purchasing a Learning Management System?

Learners today seek information and answers to their problems from every possible corner on the internet. Don’t you often find yourself scanning through a bunch of How-to Videos on YouTube, reading subject expert blogs, posting a query [...]

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How to calculate the ROI of your Learning Management System

Learning Management Systems have become an indispensable tool for training & elearning companies as well as the corporate for their employee training programs. Most companies use the LMS for internal training & certification, compliance training, employee on-boarding, [...]

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How to support your Learning Ecosystem with a Learning Management System

The way we think about learning, about managing talent is undergoing a massive paradigm shift. Innovation in training & learning has completely changed the way we deliver instructions, develop course curriculum, judge performance, provide feedback and perform [...]

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