Assessments and surveys are effective training objects when used right. Assessments find use in pre-employment to pre-promotion, covering all vital steps along an employee’s lifecycle at an organization. 

They also proved to be engaging as they encourage learners to participate in self and expert-evaluation activities. But, that’s not all, an assessment’s outcome is useful to learners in many other ways as well. One such use is in its ability to quantify the understanding or expertise of a learner about a specific subject. For example, assessments can numerically denote a learner’s ability to perform mathematical calculations with zero being very bad at performing calculations and ten being an expert. 

On the other hand, surveys are important in capturing learner preferences, needs, wants, and recommendations in a bid to design a universally accepted training program. Consider surveys as important response gathering tools to help the L&D in their pursuit to decode employee opinions and outlooks on existing training practices.

In the subsequent article, we are discussing the simplicity of Abara’s assessment and survey feature, how to set it up, and the functionalities it offers. 

Abara LMS Offers Multiple Features to Assist with Building Assessments  

Variety, the ability to customize, and intuitiveness are key factors in designing assessments built to support key training needs. 

Training programs differ and assessments must match the program subsequently. 

Some of the testing options available on Abara:  

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Image-based assessments
  • Online assessments
  • Bulk question uploaded via CSV
  • Time-bound automated submissions and instant feedback on objective assessments
  • Disconnection and pick-up-where-left options
  • Randomized questioning
  • Personalized questioning
  • Multimedia and interactive questioning
  • No time zone or location boundaries
  • Measuring course effectiveness

 As evident, Abara allows L&D to create a range of assessments based on the training needs which in turn make a course engaging. 

Managing Abara’s Assessment Is Intuitive

Abara’s central control structure lies on the left side. All options to manage eLearning courses are available there. For administrators inexperienced with the platform, Abara’s intuitiveness is quick to bridge the experience gap. All segments that form a course are termed Learning Objects on the platform. Since assessments are a common segment of eLearning courses, administrators will find the option of Manage Assessment under the Learning Object tab. 

Once inside the assessment tab, the intuitive placing of action buttons guides the administrator to name the assessment and attach a thumbnail to help with quick identification. 

Describing the Assessment and Selecting the Type 

The process of building assessments follows a logical flow, after naming and uploading a thumbnail, the LMS presents you with a description box where administrators can describe the assessment in detail for self and other administrators. 

Finally, the administrator must select the type of assessment—single or multiple choice—to complete the assessment creation basics. 

Abara’s Surveys Follow a Similar Setting-Up Process

Like the assessments, Abara’s survey engine is customizable and presents administrators with multiple options:

  • Rating scales
  • Open response
  • Yes/No checkbox
  • Multiple checkboxes
  • Single answer
  • Date range-bound assessment surveys
  • Assign surveys
  • Survey for mandatory credits
  • Analytics engine to process survey response

Surveys are Learning Objects Too

As mentioned before, all segments or objects that form an eLearning course are found under the Learning Object tab and so is the Manage Survey tab. Once inside, administrators can directly add the survey questions after following the basic setting-up procedure which is similar to that of the assessment section. Moreover, everything is intuitive and the LMS guides the administrators through the process. There is very little guesswork of trial-and-error involved. 

Select the Response Type

Surveys are conducted to understand the learners’ outlook on training activities, hence Abara allows administrators to collect information from learners via surveys anonymously. Learners are known to provide better opinions when asked anonymously and Abara helps administrators utilize this feature to the fullest!

Building Assessments and Surveys 

With that, simply select the type of assessment or survey and Abara presents administrators with readymade templates in which administrators can quickly add questions and launch the same!


Abara is highly intuitive and simple to use. If you’re interested in trying the platform, click on the free trial link and test the LMS for yourself for 30 days! For a demo, click here and one of our representatives will reach you shortly! 

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