Well, we really do not intend on using eLearning for something as trivial as this, but trust us when we tell you—the market for similar training is big! eLearning for basic skills training is real.

Over the past few years, we have covered multiple use cases for learning management systems (LMS) and eLearning courses—from assisting with simulation-based training to training field sales agents—there is no denying the importance of eLearning in today’s day and age.

Complex subjects definitely need platforms like the LMS to host complex eLearning courses.

But what if we told you that there is a market for eLearning which caters to really basic training needs? For example, learning how to use Microsoft PowerPoint or simple software specific to your organization or how to use your office desktop computer even!

Now, as an organization with over 12 years of experience in the field of learning solutions, such training needs are not surprising for us.

Most often, training is conducted for topics that are related to job roles or policies within an organization. On the other hand, day-to-day activities like the ones mentioned above do not even cross our minds because most of us assume that learners aren’t looking for such training!

The truth is—many are struggling with simple applications like the Microsoft Office suite of software, while others require constant help to operate software specific to their organizations. Obviously, someone is helping them on a day-to-day basis, but at what cost? We all know how stopping to help someone can throw you off your own work-flow, especially when someone shows up at your desk for help, unannounced.

Lms for basic skill training

Consider how much simpler things could be if this training were available online—to be accessed by users whenever they needed help?

Hence, we at Abara personally believe that no training is trivial or too simple to invest in. In fact, some of us agree that there couldn’t be a better use case. As mentioned before, we have a lot of clients using our LMS for complex training. We are sure it’s helping people grow and develop. But if you think about it, people looking to learn new skills (the skills we take for granted) are the ones benefiting the most!

Organizations which take the initiatives to develop these courses or buy readymade ones are genuinely doing themselves and the world a favour. We believe this is the true meaning of employee empowerment, where the eager to learn are given an opportunity to excel by organizations that care about them.

There are other reasons why basic training courses work best when served as an eLearning module over an LMS as well:

  1. 1. It further gives learners a chance to interact with technology-based products which help them understand how computers and software work. Also, eLearning in its interactive, text, animation, and illustrative form is better suited to help people learn about software usage.
  2. 2.Asking for training on basic subjects can be intimidating; it is also a hindrance to those who act as trainers. Hence, an LMS is best suited for learners looking to practice or revisit specific sections of training whenever needed.

At Abara LMS, we work with training giants who use our LMS to provide readymade, off-the-shelf eLearning courses. Currently, they are engaged with helping organizations train and develop the basic skills needed at any workplace amongst other objectives.

We really appreciate their dedication, motivation, and efforts in putting together such pieces of learning content which serves millions who may have otherwise never learned these simple skills out of the fear of looking bad or for the lack of an opportunity.

We also appreciate those organizations that are secretly training your future employees while they are with them, these are the real corporate leaders—we know who you are!

And for us? Well, we are happy to be a part of this revolution, and as always—our focus will remain on delivering the best technology to train people anytime, anywhere.

If you’re keen on knowing more about how our product is evolving or more on the features of Abara or more on how eLearning for basic skills training is gathering momentum, get in touch with us at Contact@abaralms.com or you could fill this quick form and we will get back to you! And as always, keep learning!

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