What makes a good employee onboarding software?

Employee Onboarding Software / Employee Induction Software / New Employee Training Software — they are all the same thing. The primary role of an employee onboarding software is to quickly train new employees, prepare them for a new job, and reduce the dependency on traditional training. If you analyze today’s training needs, On-The-Job Training (OJT) and Classroom Training are inefficient.

A good employee onboarding software is:

  • Easy to operate
  • Keeps a track of all your learners
  • Allows you to edit, add, or remove content easily
  • Integrates with your Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
  • Presents a good UI and UX to keep your learners engaged
  • Certifies learners who complete their onboarding
  • Has uses beyond compliance

How to set-up a successful employee onboarding process using the Abara software?


Why is an employee onboarding software needed?

If your organization faces high employee attrition rates resulting in a steady inflow of new employees or training new employees is integral to your organization’s success, then you need an employee onboarding software that trains new hires without the repetitive costs of time, efforts, and money.    

A study by The Society of Human Resource Management states: employees are 69% more likely to stay with an organization for three years and longer if the onboarding process is smooth.

Always remember: do not undermine the onboarding process. The objective of onboarding is to reduce employee attrition rates or improve the productivity of new hires. Employee onboarding is all about making new hires comfortable, and trained employees are confident employees. Which is why we always recommend that all organizations provide employees with a great onboarding experience.

employee onboarding software
  • Up to 20% turnover happens in 45 days

  • 33% of new hires look to switch within 6 months

  • Formalised onboarding can lead to 60% increase in revenue

  • Onboarding helps Organizations retain 50% of their new hires

  • Managers are 20% more satisfied when employees are onboarded well

  • Top companies focus 2.5 times more on onboarding


employee onboarding software


  • Up to 20% Turnover


What are the benefits of using Abara as an employee onboarding software?

  • It saves the costs of repetitive training
  • No need to hire a trainer or a venue
  • New hires can train at their own pace
  • You can keep track of the progress made by all employees
  • Training is always accessible


Can Abara help you with employee onboarding?

Yes, Abara was built with the intent of training employees through all stages of their employee lifecycle, starting with employee onboarding or induction training. Abara is designed and developed as a user-friendly, cost effective LMS with a good UI and UX!




How else can we help you with employee onboarding?

We provide custom eLearning courses designed to work on all Learning Management Systems. eLearning courses are amazing pieces of content for onboarding employees. It improves the onboarding process making it smooth, impactful, and long-lasting.



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Some of Our Happy Clients

Here are some customers who are currently using the Abara LMS as an onboarding platform!






Some of Our Happy Clients

Here are some customers who are currently using the Abara LMS as an onboarding platform!