How to manage SCORM

SCORM is a collection of standards and specifications that are required to upload courses on a web-based LMS. It defines the communication between the client content and a host system, known as a run-time environment. SCORM also defines how content is packaged into a transferable ZIP file, called a ‘Package Interchange Format’.

Your Abara LMS is SCORM-compliant.

Here’s what you need to do to upload a SCORM package on Abara.

  • On the left menu pane, select Courses>Manage SCORM.
  • Click Upload SCORM.
  • In the SCORM Name field, type the name of the SCORM package.
  • In the Thumbnail section, click Upload New to upload a SCORM thumbnail.

Note: The SCORM thumbnail will appear on the learner side. This is optional. If you don’t upload your own SCORM thumbnail, a default thumbnail will be displayed.

  • In the SCORM Description text box, type a description for the package.
  • Click Select File.
  • Select the SCORM package from your computer.


Please remember that:

  • The SCORM object must be exported as a zip package
  • The file size must not exceed the maximum allowed size for your portal
  • The SCORM package does not accept the following file extensions: PL, RB, ASPX, PY, JSP, ASP, ASPX, SHTML, SH, CGI, PHP, PH3, PHP4, PHP5, PHPS, and HTACCESS.
  • Select the Same Window option to open the object in the same window and the New Window option to open the object in a new window or new tab in your browser.

Note: When you select the New Window option, whether it would open in a new window or a new tab depends on your browser settings.

  • Click Upload.

Note: For the SCORM objects to play correctly on your mobile devices, they should be produced and exported with the latest version of the authoring tool you’re using. This is to avoid display errors or glitches related to unpatched versions of the tool.


Note: You can edit, view courses in which this SCORM package has been added as a Learning Asset, launch the SCORM package, view a test report, and delete the SCORM package by clicking the relevant icons. You can also search for SCORM packages by typing the SCORM name in the Search field.


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