How to manage Standard Reports

In the User Reports section, you can find the following reports:

  • Users Logins: When the users have logged into the LMS
  • Users Courses: Progress details of each selected user per course
  • Users Learning Objects: Helps relate the users to their learning objects
  • Users Assessments: Learner progress for the assessment assigned to them
  • Users Credits: Credits acquired by a user
  • Users Certifications: Learner certificates for the courses assigned to them
  • Users Badges: Badges for the learners

In the Other Reports section, you can find the following reports:

  • Courses Users: Summary of the learner’s progress for the course
  • Groups Courses: Summary of the group’s progress for the courses
  • Certifications Users: Summary of the learner’s certifications
  • Assessment Analytics: Summary of the analytics for an Assessment so that you can know question wise response from the users.The list will show only those Assessments for which Analytics is enabled.
  • Survey Analytics: Summary of the analytics for a survey to give an overview of the response from users for each of the questions in the Survey.The list will show only those Surveys for which Analytics is enabled.

In the Purchase Reports section, you can find the following reports:

  • Users Purchases: Summary of the courses purchased by learners
  • Purchase Transactions: Summary of the learners’ purchase transaction
  • Courses Purchases: Summary showing how many times a course has been purchased.
  • My Purchase Transactions: Summary of your particular transaction
  • My Course Purchases: Summary of your purchased courses


Here’s what you need to do to view reports.

  • On the left menu pane, select Report.

The Reports screen appears.

  • Click the View icon to view each available report.


Here’s what you need to do to export a report.

  • Click the CSV icon to export the report as a csv file.
  • You can export reports as a pdf file also for the User Summary and Course Summary reports.
  • Enter the name of course under Course Summary and click the Go button.

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