How to manage Discount Coupons

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How to manage Discount Coupons

You can have discount coupons that users may use to obtain discounts on courses.

Here’s how you can manage discount coupons.

  • On the left menu pane, select eCommerce>Manage Discount Coupons.
  • To create a new coupon, click Add Discount Coupon.

The Add Discount Coupon screen appears.

Manage Discount Coupons

Note: The Coupon Code field populates with a random code. You can generate a new coupon code by clicking Refresh.

  • In the Description box, type the details of the coupon.
  • Below Coupon Validity, select an option to decide if it must be valid for a specific period only.

In case you select Date, the date fields will get activated and you can specify a duration for the coupon to stay active.

  • If this coupon is to be used for a specific course only, or only one time, or only for a specific number of transactions, select the Single-use Coupon check box.
  • Below Coupon Discount, select whether you want to set the discount value as a percentage or as an exact amount, and type the number in the field, you select.
  • In the Minimum Cart Amount field, specify if this coupon can only be used on orders that reach the amount set that is some minimum cart amount.
  • Click Add Coupon.
add discount coupon

Once the coupon has been created, you can view it in the list.

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