How to manage administrative roles and sub administrators

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How to manage administrative roles and sub administrators

You can set up the system in terms of adding organization data and defining administrator roles—what sub-administrators can or cannot do.

In Abara, the core role of a master administrator is to define the roles of other administrators. In case an organization is small or their needs can be handled by one administrative entity, the master administrator may perform all the functions for that LMS portal from an administrative point of view. However, if the needs of the organization are complex or multiple administrators are required, the master administrator can define administrator roles (with specific privileges and functions to perform), and other administrators can be created with these roles.

A sub-administrator is an administrator created by the master administrator. There is no limit to the number of sub-administrators that we can create using the ‘Abrams’. The sub-administrator is not really an entity but a role defined by the master administrator. There are no defined roles for sub-administrator, and the master administrator can define unlimited roles and provide access in any way logical to their needs or to mirror the organization’s internal structure.

The sub-admins is the function that is used to create administrative roles, edit/delete administrator roles, configure the rights and privileges of an administrator role, and view sub-administrators to whom the selected role is assigned.

Along with defining roles for the sub-administrators, the master administrator can create the sub-administrators from this section (Manage Sub Admins) by filling the relevant form data.


Here’s what you need to do to add an administrative role.

  • On the left menu pane, select Sub Admins > Manage Roles.
  • In the Role Name field, type the name for the role.
  • Click Save.

The new role gets added to the list of administrator roles.

manage roles


The administrator role can be edited. You can configure rights, view administrators that are given that role, and delete the role.

Here’s what you need to do to assign a right to an administrative role.

  • Click the Configure Rights

Note: You can assign rights for the following elements by selecting the relevant check boxes:

    • Manage Groups
    • Manage Learners
    • Manage Instructors
    • Manage Courses
    • Assign Course
    • Unassign Course
    • Manage Course Requests
    • Manage Learner Requests
    • eCommerce
    • Evaluate Short Answer Question
    • Gamification
    • Reports
  • Select the preferred combination of rights for the role.
  • Click Update.
configuration rights


Here’s what you need to do to manage sub-admins.

  • Click the Manage Sub Admins
  • Click Add Sub-admin.
  • Fill in the details in the fields.
Edit sub admin

Access is then restricted based on the selected rights.

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