How to manage Learners

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How to manage Learners

The Manage Learners function allows you to add and manage learners in the system. This function has five tabs:

  • Learners
  • Add Learner
  • Import Learners
  • Custom Fields
  • Sequence Fields


Here’s what you need to do to add a learner.

  • Log in to your Abara LMS as a master administrator.
  • On the left menu pane, select Users>Manage Learners.
  • Click the Add Learner
  • Fill the form with the required details.
  • Click Add Learner.
Manage Learners


The learner account status can be enabled, disabled, or deleted by selecting the relevant check box on the left, and selecting an action from the Select Action drop-down list before clicking Go.

The learner details can be updated using the Edit icon.

The learner account can be proxy logged using the Proxy Login icon.

The Learner can be Enabled/Disabled using the Status icon.

The Learner can be Deleted using the Delete icon.

The Advanced Filter Result icon is used to filter learners. Enter the data in any field and click Apply. This search functionality is meant to filter the list of learners based on various criteria. This section will be visible or hidden by clicking the Filter icon.

Manage Learners

The list of learners is displayed in a form of a table. The fields of this table can be decided or chosen by the administrator are depending on which data is useful for them that needs to be displayed. For example, if the Line Manager field is required by the administrator to be visible in the list of learners, it can be activated by clicking Selection.

After the selection is made, the respective fields are visible in the list.

Note: Only 7 fields can be made visible at a time for this tabled list.


Besides adding in learners one-by-one, you can also upload multiple users in bulk by using a. CSV data file.

Here’s what you need to do to upload bulk learners.

  • Log in to your Abara LMS as a master administrator.
  • On the left menu pane, select Users> Mange Learners >Import Learners.

Note: You can only upload CSV, XLS or XLSX file.

  • Download the sample file by clicking Sample File.
  • Fill the columns with the required data.

Note: The columns you need to fill are like the fields that you use when you add a user one-by-one.

  • Save the data sheet before dragging and dropping the data sheet to upload it back into the LMS or click or Select File to browse and select the saved file.

The learners in the sheet get uploaded and appear in the list of learners in the LMS.

LMS learners


The standard personal information file for each user includes the following fields:

  • Email address
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Branch
  • Phone number
  • Country
  • State
  • City

Often, the company needs to increase the set of fields for an individual user by adding entries related to regarding the user’s matriculation number, department, or tax code.

To add more user details, you need to create additional fields or ‘custom fields’.

Here’s what you need to do to set up custom fields.

  • On the left menu pane, select Users>Manage Learners>Custom Fields.
  • From the Language drop down list, select your language.
  • From the Type drop down list, select the kind of field you need to create.

Note: Your choices are Dropdown, Text, Free Text, Number, Date, and Upload File.

  • In the Name field, type a name for the new field.
  • Select the Mandatory check box to flag the field as mandatory for users to fill out.
  • Select the Editable by Learners check box if you want learners to be able to edit the field
  • Select the Available for Filters check box if you want user to be able to filter by the information in this field.

The Preview block shows you how the field will look.

  • Click Save.
create fields

Note: The custom filed can be edited or deleted using the Edit and Delete icons. 


You can change the sequence of learner default and custom fields so that you can control their appearance on the various pages.

Here’s what you need to do to sequence fields.

  • On the left menu pane, select Users > Manage Learners > Sequence Fields.
  • Drag and drop the fields in your required sequence.

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