Partnership and Reseller Program

We welcome new partners to help sell and distribute Abara LMS. The Abara partner program has attractive incentive structure for experienced eLearning companies, LMS resellers, and independent training/learning and development consultants. By partnering with Abara, each partner can increase their revenue and service offering within their customer base and geography.

How to Become a Partner/Reseller?

The Abara Partner Program equips you with all the tools and collateral required to grow your business. With our constant support, resources, incentives, and services, we believe in driving your business towards success with collaborative efforts. You can partner with us in three ways—as a reseller, a value-added reseller, or a referral partner. Each of these partnership modules and their roles and responsibilities are explained below. For any partnership requirement, the Abara Sales Team will support you in closing the deal and providing sales collateral.

Interested in becoming our Reseller or Value-Added Reseller or Referral Partner?

Please fill the sign-up form if you’d like to enrol for the Abara Partner Program. Someone from the Abara Business Development and Partnerships team will get in touch with you, walk you through the program structure, and explore the different possibilities of working with you.


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Sign up as a Reseller
  • Bring leads and work with our Sales Team to close these leads
  • Answer any initial questions from potential customers
  • Demonstrate the system to potential customers within your geography
  • Promote Abara within your geographical area

Partner program available in the following countries:
US|Canada|UK|Europe|Middle-East|Australia|New Zealand|Africa|India

Value-Added Resellers (VAR)

Value-Added Resellers (VAR)

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Sign up as a reseller
  • Bring leads and work with our Sales Team to close them
  • Answer any initial questions from potential customers
  • Demonstrate the system to potential customers within your geography
  • Promote Abara within your geography
  • Initial training for customers (VAR only)
  • Training needs analysis plus consultation (VAR only)
  • Support and help desk in the local geography (VAR only)

Partner program available in following countries:
US|Canada|UK|Europe|Middle-East|Australia|New Zealand|Africa|India

Referral Partners

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Sign up as a referral partner and get a referral code
  • Send customers to the Abara Sales Team with referral code
  • Earn commission if a customer signs up

Partner program available in following countries: All geographies

Referral Partners

Our LMS Partners

Ashford logo

Ashford Learning

Ashford Learning is our UK-based partner for Abara LMS. The company designs, creates and delivers bespoke training and learning programs in paper and electronic formats. Ashford specializes in rapid e-learning modules for the retail and service industries along with offering complete solutions for learning from paper-based workbooks, e-learning and a complete blended solution as well. They provide blended learning, eLearning, learning development and design services.

Their specialties include: Learning Management Systems, Instructional Design, Design, Desktop Publishing and Print, Rapid eLearning, Blended Learning, and eLearning.

Ashford Learning is headquartered in Winchester, UK.

elamb logo


eLamb is our partner in the UK for Abara LMS. eLamb specializes in delivering custom eLearning courses and assessments on a variety of topics. Besides LMS consulting, implementation, and support services, they provide custom e-learning, off-the-shelf eLearning, and online assessments.

Their specialties include: building fun and effective employee training courses, Learning Management Systems, eLearning, Blended Learning Experts, Assessments, LMS Systems, Online Training, Assured Level 2 Compliance, Gamification, Custom eLearning, and Off-The-Shelf eLearning.

eLamb is headquartered in Darlington, UK.

Trainsmart, Inc logo


TrainSmart is our partner in the US for Abara LMS. They provide custom training and development solutions. They design and develop creative and interactive training solutions that meets business needs. In addition to services around Abara LMS, they provide rapid eLearning solutions, custom eLearning solutions, custom learning programs, business training services, instructor-led training, training course design, and instructional design services.

Their specialties include: DiSC Profile Assessments, Training Content Development, Instructional Design Support, 3-Day Train-the-Trainer Courses, Custom Training Solutions, Soft Skills Development Training, Custom eLearning Development, Pharmaceutical Training, Trainer Certification, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Corporate Education, Blended Learning, and Training Content Development.

TrainSmart is headquartered in Chicago, US.



IDC LLC is our New England partner for Abara LMS. They are a niche eLearning solutions provider. IDC LLC offers a unique range of eLearning instructional design, program development, and LMS hosting services to businesses that are looking for robust and highly engaging interactive employee learning experiences. They provide instructional design, courseware development, and LMS hosting and consulting.

Their specialties include: High Quality Cost Effective eLearning Solutions, Instructional Design Techniques, eLearning Development Applications, and Learning Management System Platforms.

IDC LLC is headquartered in Norfolk, US.

Evida Technology Solution logo

Evida Technologies

Evida Technologies is an IT Services and Learning Management Solutions company that delivers effective software technology-based solutions and eLearning solutions to a wide range of companies. They provide consultation and solutions based on extensive research of the latest technological trends and upcoming innovations in the industry.

Their specialties include: Learning Management Systems and eLearning Development.

Evida Technologies is headquartered in Pune, India.