What is Social Learning?

Social learning is learning by exchange of experiences and observations. Hence, by nurturing an environment of active experience and information sharing among employees, organizations successfully train and develop an engaged workforce with minimal investments.

However, social learning is not limited to just observations and sharing. A major part of the peer to peer knowledge sharing process involves active guidance and support as well. Basically, social learning allows employees to learn from the experiences of their colleagues while also supporting and guiding each other. This completes the process of collaborative training.

LMS with social learning feature
LMS with social learning features

What Makes a Social Learning Platform?

A social learning platform is a learning management system—LMS—with social learning feature which allows learners to record, share, and interact on subject matter related to work and employee training and development.

It’s an LMS with social interaction features making it a dynamic training software. The LMS’s social learning tool is where moderated knowledge transferred between users is achieved. All of this information is stored on the LMS allowing for future reference.

We think It’s a successful attempt at transforming a once traditional and unstructured process of knowledge transfer to a formalized and recorded program. This is the advantage of integrating social learning with technology to achieve an improved form of modern learning.

Why Embrace Social Learning?

In the year 2025, 75% of the global population will belong to the Millennials and the Generation Z. Given these generations’ media preferences and their affinity towards social media influencers who play a major role in influencing their decisions, it is certain that the same principles of corporate social influencers will work within the corporate space if harnessed effectively.

Early adopters of social learning will definitely see an improvement in their training activities, for some, it will fill the long-standing gap of low engagement levels.

Social learning on the mobile
Social learning results

Social Learning Facts

  • Smart Phones on the Rise: 39% of the global population uses smartphones of which 80% use social media to learn, update, and discover content from around the globe.
  • Facebook on Positive Influencers: A Facebook research indicates increased user engagement when people come across positive words and posts. Hence, the same stands for social learning at the workplace. One employee’s positive outlook and success, motivates others to join.
  • Adopters of Social Learning Say: In 2010 British Telecom saved up to $12 million by using an LMS with peer to peer teaching feature.
  • A Good Social Learning Platform Retains Knowledge: A good social learning platform can help retain the expertise that an exiting employee takes with them.
  • Forbes Famously Quoted: “Two people know more than one, three know more than two, when a room full of experienced people share knowledge, there is nothing they can’t achieve.”

Why Choose Abara LMS for Social Learning?

  • Corporate influencers can share their experiences in the form of interactive videos
  • Employees can recommend courses to take
  • Group and forum chats to discuss moderated topics
  • Enhanced classroom and webinar experiences
  • Mobile optimized feature for anytime access and discussions
  • Learners can promote content they feel is right
  • Learners can subscribe to and follow promising influencers
  • Ask the Expert feature for anytime Q&A
Social Learning winners

Abara is an LMS with social learning designed to allow maximum interactions between learners, administrators, trainers, and moderators.

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