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Archaic training practices have plagued the Indian corporate environment for too long. A key differentiator between Indian HR and L&D teams, and their counterparts abroad, is the promptness displayed by the US, UK, Europe, and Australia regions at accepting new technologies and using it to design a formalised training environment.

We at Abara, welcome you to our first webinar on how to:
Supercharge your HR and L&D Functions with an LMS.

This webinar aims at addressing common HR and L&D functions that an LMS can easily supercharge by saving costs, time, energy, and resources when it comes to:

  • Recruitment: Shortlisting candidates based on the number of keywords present in their CV, or selecting candidates based on just the way they present themselves is not fair towards deserving candidates or the organization. Use an LMS to pre-screen your candidates and select new recruits based on calibre.
  • Onboarding: Training new employees using traditional methods include costs of time, efforts, energy, and resources. Understand how an LMS cuts all these costs by 50% and more!
  • Compliance: Compliance training is slowly becoming the key selection factor for multi-nationals to choose an Indian partner to work with. Understand the benefits and ease of certifying compliant employees using an LMS, and safeguard your organization from unforeseen legal risks.
  • Upskilling: India is world renowned for its working-class force. From scientists to labourers – we outsource them all. Understand the benefits of further increasing the skills of your employees from selling skills to IT and customer support. Understand how to truly gain a human resource advantage!
  • Identifying your future leaders: A report by Gallup states 82% of employees who are promoted to managerial positions are ineffective leaders. Surprised? We aren’t! Identifying leaders is a process carried out through rigorously testing managerial skills from people handling to resources handling and being an effective motivator. Understand how an LMS’s test automation ability allows you to test and identify actual leaders in advance.

Join us as we collectively take a step towards improving our corporate L&D and HR standards to bring it at par with our peers across the globe!

Date: Friday June 22, 2018
Time: 3 p.m. IST
Speaker: Hrishikesh Samb

We are excited to meet you there!

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