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LMS for Employee Training

The LMS system creates an organization-wide environment of continuous learning and development without adding the extra costs of time, efforts, resources, and finances which are incurred when relying on on-the-job training (OJT) or classroom training. This improves employee productivity and increases business profitability. The LMS is built to provide employees with access to relevant training content any-time, anywhere.

LMS for Employee Onboarding

Repeated training of new employees demands regular allocation of an organization’s limited resources. The LMS allows creation and storage of on-boarding training material which is used every time a single or a batch of new employees join. Standardised training content ensures all new employees are given the same information, avoiding the possibility of varied training as a result of a human element involved in traditional…

LMS for Sales Team Training

Sales training is a dynamic process, with regular changes in products, customers, and regions. This requires regular training in different approaches to selling. Abara LMS comes with a set of features which enhance a sales team’s ability to practice and perfect sales skills required on the field. The Abara LMS is also a True Mobile First LMS which easily integrates onto multiple mobile devices like mobile phones, tablets,…

LMS for Compliance Training

Compliance training is a mandatory initiative aimed at reducing any untoward incidents. Organizations often face difficulty in keeping a track of employees who avoid mandatory compliance training and maintain records of employees who have successfully completed it.

LMS for Customer Education and Training

User manuals are created and stored as interactive courses which customers can log-in to access. This creates a stronger relationship with customers as the various products and services being offered are deconstructed through informative videos for a better understanding.

LMS Channel Partner and Distributor Training

Ensuring compliance training is not just limited to employees of your organization. Channel partners, vendors, and distributors play important roles in your organizations success and they must be included in compliance training related to maintaining standards of their

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