LMS for Channel Partner and Distributor Training

Channel partners, distributors, resellers, and vendors play an equally important role in your organization’s success. Hence, it is essential for your organization to train channel partners on adhering to standards of quality and ensure their goals are inclined with the organization’s overall objective. Using the Multi-Tenant feature, your organization can train its channel partners using the same LMS but a unique log-in portal. 

Why an LMS for Channel Partner and Distributor Training?

Ensure compliance training is not just limited to the employees of your organization. Channel partners, vendors, and distributors play important roles in your organization’s success. Training them on compliance and other standards are important. When it comes to maintaining the standards of products and services and safeguarding your organization’s interests, an LMS for channel partner and distributor training is very important.

Failure of your channel partners to effectively sell or service your products could result in your brand getting damaged. Addressing this knowledge gap empowers your channel partners to abide by the prescribed standards.

Using an LMS to train channel partners, distributors, and resellers in selling and representing your services and products is an excellent way of ensuring increased business productivity. The LMS is best when setting clear expectations with channel partners about representing your organization.

LMS for Channel Partner and distributor Training

How Does Abara LMS Help in Training Your Channel Partners?

  • Dedicated log in portals for channel partners: Abara LMS provides dedicated log in portals with relevant courses and training programs for your channel partners. This helps them better understand your organization’s values and policies while interacting with customers.
  • Channel partner induction: Induction training programs are created and stored for new channel partners to access and understand before working with your organization.
  • Channel partner compliance: Assess your channel partners with compliance courses designed and built to safeguard your organization.
  • Train channel partners globally: Train your channel partners globally in their preferred languages using Abara LMS’s multi-tenant feature.

Types of Courses for Channel Partners Training

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