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LMS for Customer Education and Training

In today’s times, it is equally important for organizations to train their customers about various products and services being offered. This involves after sales training and pre-sales training on new products.

Customers referring to manuals, complicated guides, and other product usage and operation-related documents are methods of the past. Using the LMS system’s Multi-Tenant function, customers can now log in to a customer portal to better understand the complicated usage of products and services.

Why an LMS for Customer Training?

User manuals are created and stored as interactive courses, which customers can log in to access. This creates a stronger relationship with the customers, as the usage of various products and services being offered are deconstructed through informative videos for a better understanding. Proper customer training may be an extension of good marketing to provide the customers with positive reinforcement about purchasing the right product or service.

Information on new products and updates about existing services are sent via e-mails and push notifications, nurturing the existing customers into becoming repeat customers for a new product or service.

Customers can first refer to training programs about the products and services before contacting the customer support when facing an issue.

Why an LMS for Customer Training

How Does Abara LMS Help in Training Your Customers?

  • Dedicated customer log in portals: Abara LMS is a multi-tenant system, allowing customers to log in to a dedicated customer portal, where relevant information on product and service usage is available. Customers can now access this information in the form of interactive videos and courses, enabling a well-trained customer base.
  • Receive customer queries: Customers can ask questions through the My Queries function regarding issues they face with a product or a service, which the technical support team can answer, as they are granted access to this function via the delegation of authority by your administrator.
  • Global customer training: Multiple customer log in portals for different regions with specific language settings allow your organization to address its customers spread across the globe. Comprehensive customer services and training has never been more accessible.
  • Third party integrations: Abara LMS can be integrated with the company or product website through a single sign-on (SSO) feature so that the customers can stay logged-in and have a seamless experience when switching from the website to the LMS.

Types of Courses for Employee Training

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