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Abara is a corporate Learning Management System designed to train an organization’s dynamic workforce. From general employee development to training your extended enterprise (partners, vendors, reseller), Abara’s learning management software can easily assist your L&D department with this. Abara is also designed and built to support mobile learning allowing your employees to train anytime, anywhere. Abara’s powerful employee reporting features also make it an ideal corporate LMS for employee training.

Solutions We Offer

employee training icon

LMS for Employee Training

Employees seldom have time between work and personal life. Give them accessible training.

employee onboarding icon abara lms

LMS for Employee Onboarding

Good onboarding helps retain over 60% of your workforce.

sales team traing icon abara lms

LMS for Sales Team Training

Sales teams need access to a mobile LMS for on-the-go training.

compliance Training abara lms

LMS for Compliance Training

Safeguard your organization with regular compliance training.

customer education traing icon abara lms

LMS for Customer Education and Training

Train your customers using the same LMS, but multiple user portals.

Channel Partner Training abara

Channel Partner & Distributor Training

Train vendors, resellers, and distributors on unique portals.

A Corporate LMS for Onboarding, Compliance, and Overall Employee Training

Abara is a corporate learning management system for onboarding, compliance, and overall employee training. In order to rapidly train employees, ensure they are compliant, and develop the skills needed to be productive, it is vital to invest in an able corporate eLearning platform such as Abara. Abara is also an able mobile learning management system that works on both iOS and Android which is perfect to train your mobile workforce.

Here is a list of features making Abara a reliable online training software:

  • Amazon AWS Hosted for Reliability
  • Advanced Course Management Options
  • API Integrations
  • Powerful Reporting

Our corporate training LMS is truly world-class. With our extensive experience in the eLearning space, we have left no stone unturned in planning, designing, and developing the best corporate training LMS for a modern corporate.

Visit Abara’s feature section to know all about its corporate training capabilities.

Why is an Employee Onboarding Software Needed?

The primary role of an employee onboarding software is to quickly train new employees, prepare them for a new job role, and reduce the dependency on traditional training because traditional training like On-The-Job Training (OJT) and Classroom Training are inefficient when compared to today’s training needs. Abara is the perfect corporate learning management system for employee training which is an equally capable employee onboarding software.

Employee Onboarding Software / Employee Induction Software / New Employee Training Software — they are all the same thing, and Abara’s corporate LMS is built for them.

Check out the Employee Onboarding Software section to know all about Abara and its capabilities as a corporate LMS built for onboarding.

How Does an LMS Become an Efficient Mobile LMS?

Abara’s learning management system is a mobile friendly LMS, allowing on-field agents to access training anytime anywhere via its dedicated iOS and Android native applications. Here is what makes Abara’s mobile LMS your ideal learning management system:

  • Built to operate on mobile devices
  • Sports features that boost performance on mobile devices
  • Works as a native application on iOS and Android
  • Supports learners on the move
  • Supports on-the-move administration

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