Abara’s SaaS-based corporate LMS solutions provides your organization with affordable automation capabilities within their training or L&D department, both in the delivery of technology-based learning and also automation of their instructor led classroom training (ILT) and virtual classroom (vILT) training workflows.

An LMS like Abara can be used for all departments of the organization and their varying use cases. But the common factor between them all is the ability for the LMS to remove the friction in delivering training as compared to traditional classroom training and on-the-job training. As a result many consider Abara LMS for corporate training. Additionally, many consider it to be a truly affordable corporate LMS solution.

Affordable corporate training solutions
Lms solutions for onboarding
Lms solutions for onboarding


Providing training to a new hire is one of the most vital parts of new employee onboarding, especially industries that experience high growth or attrition.

New hires require training on:

  • Vision and mission sharing

  • History and about the organization

  • Organization-wide ethics and policies

  • Introduction to the new role

  • Information on the products and services of the organization

  • Compliance training

Digitally enabled training and learning is a vital component to ensure that an organization is not spending critical resources like time, money, and effort towards having their trainers, managers, and leadership teams repeatedly conduct the same training in person or in class or via on-the-job methods. Corporate training solutions have to be affordable in today’s day and age.

The ability to provide information, knowledge, and skills to a new hire to get them ready for the job as quickly as possible while keeping costs in check is a competitive advantage among peers within an industry.

Abara LMS provides vital features that allows an organization break that cycle by leveraging remote methods for training, including the ability to re-use training assets such as videos, interactive eLearning, and vILTs instead of in person training.

In the era of Covid-19 and social distancing, this has become vital or critical for organizations to even conduct training remotely to reopen their organizations.

Lms solutions for employee training


While organizations compete with each other, often it is talent that competes with each other in organizations. A company that provides better training are able to retain their employees better and beat the competition. Abara LMS helps deliver eLearning, videos, and documents, and acts as a repository of content that help teams learn about these changes remotely, thus always keeping themselves trained and updated.

Beyond hiring the right talent and training them, it is the organization that needs to provide opportunities for ongoing employee training during the life cycle of the employee within the organization. This could be training on:

  • Sales

  • Skill

  • Process and procedure

  • Information systems

  • Customer service

  • Products

  • Change management

Social distancing norms during Covid-19 will show that organizations need to train their staff just to return to work safely and securely. Infection rates may go up and cause a shutdown of a location or a full work site if procedures are not followed.

Lms solutions for employee training
Lms solutions for compliance training
Lms solutions for compliance training


Compliance training is often the least liked of all courses that an employee takes. However, adhering to health and safety norms and laws make the difference between life and death in some industries.

Today, Covid-19 has demonstrated the importance of health and safety laws and the importance of such training to all staff to protect everyone.

Some important topics to discuss are:

  • Health and safety

  • Use of IT resources during work-from-home (WFH)

  • HR compliance requirements while working from home

  • Emphasizing on workplace harassment and factors that cause it

  • Managing vendor relationships and best practices

  • Managing customer interactions

Ability to deliver such training and maintain training records is important as well. An LMS like Abara for compliance training solves both these issues, storing your compliance courses and records in its central repository. To protect the organizations from legal risks, reports can be extracted on employees trained.

Lms solutions for sales training


Training sales teams quickly, and properly makes a big difference in the sales performance of an organization. Using Abara LMS, you can develop a well-informed and trained sales team that can sell more effectively and help beat the competition especially during a tough economic environment.

Selling is one of the toughest jobs and going to be tougher during the Covid-19 era due to the economic impact all around. Salespeople love meeting people in person and closing deals. Now, with travel and social distancing norms, all those sales targets have to be met virtually.

Some skills that form the base of all sales professionals are:

  • Drafting effective mails

  • Differentiating products and services vs. the competition

  • Mastery over soft skills

  • Conducting success virtual meetings

  • Selling to buyers virtually

  • Negotiating

  • Presenting good body language and signals

  • Closing deals

Using technology-based training methods including eLearning courses, video-based courses, and performance support tools and documents, helps keep new and existing salespeople updated on an ongoing basis. And the ability to access all this training on a mobile learning app helps organizations speed up this process.

Lms solutions for sales training
Lms for corporate training
Lms solutions for customer training


Training your customers on proper ways to use your products is critical for both:

  • Customer support – better informed customers reach out to customer support less

  • Customer feedback and experience – helps them feel better about the product and/or service, and helps create a favorable impression of the brand

Providing customers access to an LMS they can access at their convenience helps towards achieving this goal.

An LMS can store a wide range of content for customers to interact with. Some of them are:

  • Product manuals

  • Service guides

  • Terms of usage

  • Care and maintenance

  • Safety measures

Using an LMS to deliver such digital training and support content for customer training is vital for customer support and client success teams during Covid-19 due to lockdowns and social distancing.

Providing good customer training helps build good brand image and acts as an extension of good marketing. Customers feel empowered and are more likely to refer the product to another socially if they have confidence in the brand that provided them great resources online to be successful.

Lms for channel partners


Distribution of an organization’s products and services via company owned networks/stores is often not possible in many industries. Using channel partners like resellers, distributors, and franchisees is important to grow sales and the distribution of a company’s products and services. Abara LMS can be used to train channel partners, distributors, and resellers in selling and services and products effectively. The LMS is an efficient IT infrastructure to distribute training efficiently to your extended organization.

Training your channel partners as well as your own employees extends the brand and protects it. Delivering such training via digital methods is logical for such channel partners as they may be distributed across geographies. This is especially true due to travel restrictions during the Covid-19 lockdown when sales and service teams cannot travel to conduct in-person training sessions.

Channel partner training can include the following:

  • Product and service training

  • Selling tips and skills

  • Best practices

  • Compliance training

  • Training on support and representation

  • Sales training

  • Brand’s expectations from partner

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