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Schedule an LMS Demo before activating your 30-days free trial 

Doing this allows you to check, test, and maximize the 30-days you spend with Abara LMS 

It is also a great way to understand all the features, functions, and uses that Abara allows its administrators!

LMS Demo

An LMS Demo is crucial when selecting a learning platform. Big or small, you need to understand the LMS and its functionalities before starting a free trial.

What is an LMS Demo?

An LMS Demo is not to be confused with an LMS Free trial. The purpose of an LMS demo is to assist you with your LMS Free Trial experience.

lms demo

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How to schedule an LMS Demo?

We’d never turn down the opportunity to showcase our product. Hence, just fill out this quick form and let us guide you on operating the platform; you’ll be an expert in no time!

After scheduling a demo, you can visit our Knowledge Base section which is a collection of guides and checklists that help you navigate around the LMS, talk about the best practices to follow, and things to remember.

Just click on Resources -> Knowledge Base -> and Get Started!
Go ahead, schedule your Demo and activate your LMS Trial!


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lms demo

Why is an LMS Demo important?

No two learning management systems are alike. Every learning management is designed and built differently. There is an obvious learning curve associated with all of them.

When you choose to trial an LMS for free, often, the number of days needed to understand the LMS and its functionalities overshoots the duration of the free LMS trial itself. In the end, it leaves you with an unsatisfactory experience and a platform that you couldn’t truly test.

Which is why, we recommend you to always take an LMS Demo with your LMS Trial. Trained LMS experts break down the features, functionalities, and uses of our LMS over a web-call, Skype, or GoTo Meeting, allowing you to spend less time worrying about how the LMS works and more time testing it.

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