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LMS for Employee Onboarding

In industries where regular onboarding of new employees is common, organizations divert critical resources like time, money, and effort towards repeatedly training both individual employees and batches of new employees alike. The number of onboarding employees doesn’t matter, the resources allocated are the same, over and over again.

Abara LMS facilitates the creation and storage of courses, allowing repeated access to training content, which helps in the process of regular onboarding, without stretching an organization’s limited resources. Often, to justify the various costs of training, onboarding sessions are delayed till a certain number of newly joining employees is reached . The risk of letting untrained employees continue to work for extended periods is a risk, which must be addressed immediately.

Why an LMS for Employee Onboarding?

Repeated training of new employees demands regular allocation of an organization’s limited resources. The LMS allows creation and storage of onboarding-related training material, which is used each time a single or a batch of new employees join.

Standardized training content ensures all new employees are given the same information, avoiding the possibility of inconsistent training as a result of a human element being involved with traditional training methods.

Training material is accessed by new employees regularly, ensuring maximum retention.

How Does Abara LMS Help You With Onboarding?

  • Central repository: A central repository of onboarding-related courses is created, granting automatic access to all new employees that join.
Why an LMS for Employee Onboarding
  • Post-training assessment: Assessments which test the effectiveness of the training program and ensures all new employees are ready to start performing on the right note.
  • Blended learning: OJT (on the job training) is blended with eLearning courses to enhance the new employees’ understanding of various responsibilities that are expected of them.
  • Repeated onboarding: Onboarding employees using a human resource is now a thing of the past! The Abara LMS provides a cost-effective and efficient method of delivering relevant training.

Types of Courses for Employee Onboarding Training

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