LMS for Employee Onboarding

An LMS for employee onboarding is used to induct, train, assess, and help new employees successfully integrate with their organization and its work culture. Onboarding is important as it also helps employees start their new positions with maximum clarity, ensuring they face minimal challenges during their initial phase at work.

In industries with high attrition rates—regular employee onboarding is common. Organizations divert critical resources like time, money, and effort towards repeatedly training individual and batches of new employees. The resources needed to onboard employees are the same. The number of employees doesn’t matter.

Abara LMS facilitates the creation and storage of courses, allowing repeated access to training content. Organizations can now onboard individual or a batch of employees and scale the resources as needed.

Onboarding sessions are delayed to justify the various costs of training. This happens till a certain number of new employees join. In such cases, the risk of letting untrained employees work for extended periods—is a risk an organization cannot take.

Why an LMS for Employee Onboarding?

Training new employees requires repeated allocation of limited resources. Storing onboarding related training content on an LMS makes repeated training simpler.

Standardized training content ensures standardized employee training. Inconsistent training as a result of unstructured traditional practices is not a possibility.

Unhindered access to training content also ensures maximum retention.

How Does Abara LMS Help You With Onboarding?

  • Central repository: A central repository of onboarding-related courses grants automatic access to all new employees.
Why an LMS for Employee Onboarding
  • Post-training assessment: Assessments to test the training impact, ensuring all new employees are ready to start performing on the right note.
  • Blended learning: OJT (on the job training) is blended with eLearning courses to enhance a new employees’ understanding of their new job role.
  • Repeated onboarding: Onboarding employees using a human resource is a thing of the past! Abara LMS provides a cost-effective and efficient way to deliver relevant training.

Types of Courses for Employee Onboarding Training

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