The core features of the ready-to-go system and the enterprise system are the same, with a few key differences. An enterprise system is suitable in the following circumstances:

  1. If you need the LMS to go live before February 2018: Please contact our Sales Team to get an enterprise version of Abara set up. The ready-to-go SaaS plans are available from February 2017.
  2. If you need to set up a multi-portal system: The ready-to-go SaaS pricing will allow you to set up a standard single portal, allowing you to train your employees, customers, or partners, or even use the portal to sell your courses to your customers.
  3. Specific customization is not possible since it is a SaaS system: All core functionality is the same for all portals on the SaaS platform.
  4. If you have specific hosting requirements: Specific hosting requirements include the need for a specific high-concurrency server due to factors like high load, server location in a specific region etc.

If you wish to pay via wire transfer or other such means.: Ready-to-go SaaS plans require an active credit card month-on-month for payments. (Annual payment is also possible.) Enterprise plans are annual license plans. You will still need to pay via credit card on a month-on-month basis for additional active users that log in.